MEGACON Orlando 2023


Greta the Gremlin, foam latex prosthetics. Sculpted by Osiris Rivera, applied and painted with Heather Eisner.

A recap of our third invitation to MEGACON ORLANDO! This year we had 2 panels live-streamed on the MEGACON Creator Stage. VAMP had a special guest with us during the con, as one of our past Beauty Professional Makeup Artistry instructors and dear friends, Rocco Gaglioti, joined us for our panels.  Using some of our favorite EBA Performance Makeup products, on Thursday we did airbrushing and facial prosthetics to create a sultry vampire effect, and on Saturday we recreated a viral infection inspired by the movie Resident Evil.

Airbrushed Sultry Vampire with brow prosthetics. Applied and airbrushed by Rocco Gaglioti and VAMP School Director, Heather Eisner.

Resident Evil inspired Zombie, silicone prosthetics by OUTOFKIT and AUTONOMOUSFX2005, Pros Aide transfers made by Brian Mahoney, applied and painted by Chris Osorio and Rocco Gaglioti.

Every day at our booth in the Community Zone we gave attendees an insider look behind the scenes of creature creation. Our graduates and staff showcased their skills with a little bit of everything; out of kit injury simulations, beauty applications, foam prosthetic applications, prosaide transfer applications, airbrushing, and encapsulated silicone prosthetic applications.

Out of kit techniques by VAMP graduate, Frankie Kennedy.

Humanoid Bat lady, Foam latex prosthetics. Sculpted and applied by VAMP graduate, Gabby Witherspoon.  Assisted by VAMP graduate, Lindsey Smith.

Alien-bat hybrid creature, RBFX foam latex prosthetics. Applied and painted by VAMP graduate Danielle Battaglia. Costume by Danielle Battaglia.

VAMP’s past Beauty Professional instructor Rocco Gaglioti and VAMP’s guest makeup artist Chris Osorio applying and painting the viral zombie.

 VAMP graduate Micah Johnson applying and painting her silicone prosthetic humanoid mole rat character.

VAMP graduate Connor Hayes application of his silicone prosthetic Arachnid transformation and Micah Johnson’s humanoid mole rat. Custom creature dentures created by Connor and Micah.

Sunday we had the pleasure of showcasing the amazing talent of both of our Modern Effects Makeup Artistry instructors. Brian Mahoney sculpted, casted, painted and applied foam latex prosthetics, transfers, and custom character dentures to create two clickers inspired by The Last Of Us. Osiris Rivera sculpted, painted and applied foam latex cowl and prosthetics; assisted by VAMP School Director Heather Eisner with beauty makeup, wig, and costuming by Heather Eisner.  Guests on Sunday had a great time posing for photos with our finished monsters, and the VAMP team had a great time sharing our hard work with the MEGACON crowds.

The VAMP team, our students, and our graduates had a fantastic time and look forward to MEGACON Orlando 2024!