Modern Effects Makeup Artistry

Schedule of Fees

Tuition: $21,000

Student Kit Fee: $3,600

Registration: $100

Total: $24,700

The Modern Effects Makeup Makeup Artistry program is designed for students who are seeking a career in the multifaceted world of special effects makeup. This program is designed to be a comprehensive training experience that will prepare students to work as film and television special effects makeup artists. Our course integrates classic and modern methodology that is utilized by current industry professionals in order to arm our students with the techniques and tools of the trade.

Program Hours

Our Modern Effects program is 880 clock hours, lasting 22 weeks.  It is conducted Monday – Friday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm every day.  School holidays can be found on our Academic Calendar page as well as in our School Catalog.

Course Content

MFX01: Core Concepts

Begin your journey into the world of effects makeup and lay the foundation for your success. Students will learn about safe practice procedures, sanitation, material and tool safety, and the vocabulary and terminology that will be used throughout the program.

MFX02: Out of the Kit

Learn about the basics of effects makeup and the classic techniques that have been utilized in the industry for decades. These skills will be the building blocks upon which the rest of your education will be built. Students will learn techniques for applying and creating bald caps, old age makeup, quick wounds, injury simulations using Baldiez sheets, dirt and grime, hair applications, and basic construction techniques.

MFX03: Airbrushing

Gain the knowledge needed to airbrush like a pro! Airbrushing has become an industry standard practice for all makeup artists. From body painting and quick paint jobs, to subtle prop and appliance decorating, airbrushing is an absolutely essential skill to possess for any effects artist. Students will learn what airbrushes are and how they work, the types of airbrushes and compressors used in the industry, which paints to use, and basic and advanced airbrushing techniques.

MFX04: Pros Aide Transfers

Learn how to produce and apply Pros Aide transfers, a widely utilized technique in modern effects. Originally developed by Christien Tinsley, these durable, one-time use appliances can be used to create a multitude of hyper-realistic effects such as injuries and skin maladies. Topics covered will include an introduction to different types of clay and their benefits, product knowledge and history, sculpting, texturizing, molding, applying, painting, and removing.

MFX05: Mask Making

Time to make the monsters… in your first large scale sculpting project here at VAMP!  Learn how to work with water based clay and sculpt your very own creature.  Students will learn the process to sculpt, mold, cast, finish, and paint a latex mask.

MFX06: Lifecasting and Corrective Positives

Begin the journey into prosthetics by lifecasting your model to create an exact replica of their face. In order to create custom fit prosthetics, makeup artists must first lifecast their talent. Topics covered include lifecasting a half head in silicone and creating a corrective positive.

MFX07: Foam Latex Prosthetics

Learn about the entire process of creating a foam latex appliance, from designing and sculpting a concept, to molding, demolding, and running your own foam. Topics covered include sculpting techniques, molding a sculpture in stone, and how to mix and run foam to get the perfect appliance.

MFX08: Dental Appliances

Acquire the skills needed to create the perfect set of teeth for any character makeup. Dental appliances are crucial to any complete creature makeup and can help take your makeup to a new level. Areas covered include lifecasting teeth, positive mold creation, sculpting dental appliances, molding dental sculpts, how to use dental acrylic, trimming and polishing, and painting.

MFX09: Encapsulated Silicone Prosthetics

Expand your knowledge of prosthetics and learn how to create silicone appliances. Learn about the different types of silicone, what encapsulation is, and the best way to color a silicone prosthetic for realism. Areas explored include multi-piece overlapping silicone prosthetics, epoxy snap molds, molding a sculpture in epoxy, running silicone for the perfect appliance, molding a corrective positive in epoxy, and an in-depth look into the benefits of different types of silicone

MFX10: Blood Effects

Explore the world of zombies, gore, and practical injury effects. Whether it splatters, gushes, or oozes, it is critical for a makeup artist that blood effects look realistic and believable. Gain the knowledge needed to perfect your blood skills and the techniques required to apply them. Subjects include blood creation and coloration, blood delivery systems, blood dressing for wounds, blood bladders, slit-throat effect creation and application, and gun shot effects.

MFX11: Professional Protocol

Before you can enter the career world, you have to learn how to navigate through it. Students will be taught about professionalism, set etiquette, resume building, how to market themselves, script breakdowns, movie budgeting, continuity books, and portfolio upkeep.

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