Beauty Professional Makeup Artistry

Schedule of Fees

Tuition: $6,200

Student Kit Fee: $2,700

Registration: $100

Total: $9,000

The Beauty Professional Makeup Artistry program is designed for students who are seeking a career in the world of beauty makeup. Students will learn what it takes to work as a print, television, or film makeup artist, gaining the knowledge they need to succeed in the competitive landscape of professional makeup artistry. From the very basics of clean makeup for men and women, to the high-fashion looks of the runway, students will build their skillsets while developing a well-rounded portfolio to begin their career.

Program Hours

Our Beauty Professional program is 300 clock hours, lasting 10 weeks.  It is conducted Monday – Friday from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm every day.  School holidays can be found on our Academic Calendar page as well as in our School Catalog.

Course Content

BTM01: Core Concepts

Begin your journey into the realm of professional beauty makeup and lay the foundation for your success! Students will learn about color theory, sanitation and set safety, basic product knowledge, kit organization, basic application techniques, and how to set up their stations.

BTM02: Beauty I: Introduction

Go back to basics! Not all jobs require a heavy-handed makeup look—most need a basic, clean beauty application that is camera ready. Students will learn how to properly match a client’s foundation color, the right way to contour any face, and how to apply clean, basic, and natural looks for men, women, and children for film, television, and print.

BTM03: Beauty II: Intermediate Techniques

Darker colors, bolder pigments, and thicker eyeliner: glamour makeup takes natural to the next level. Expand your basic knowledge of beauty makeup into the realm of evening and glamour looks. Topics covered will include evening makeup, false lash applications, and glamour looks for film, television, and print.

BTM04: Beauty Airbrushing

Gain the knowledge needed to airbrush your brides and clients like a pro! Airbrushing is an industry standard in today’s market. Students will learn about different airbrushes and compressors, different products, and beauty application techniques for foundation, blush, eye shadow, and more.

BTM05: Bridal

Apply your knowledge of beauty makeup and create beautiful bridal looks for any client. Wedding makeup is a beneficial industry to enter as a beauty artist, as there is a constant demand for artists and most jobs have multiple clients in need of makeup. Students will learn how to apply bridal makeup, how to integrate airbrushing with conventional makeup techniques, and how to understand the needs of their clients and execute the proper looks.

BTM06: Beauty III: Modern Methods

Step into the world of high-fashion makeup and take your skills up a notch! Students will learn about advanced lash applications, eyebrow blocking, theatrical makeup, and how to apply drag and high-fashion makeup for film, television, and print.

BTM07: Professional Protocol

Before you can enter the career world, you have to learn how to navigate through it. Students will be taught about professionalism, set and job etiquette, resume building, how to market themselves, script breakdowns, continuity books, and portfolio upkeep.

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