Student Testimonials


“Throughout the program I was able to learn my craft hands on, but most importantly, I was given the space to challenge myself. This was my first opportunity to pick the brain of so many talented artists who share the enthusiasm I did. It was a very formative experience in my artistic career. Brian Mahoney is not a traditional instructor, each student’s education was tailored to their own learning styles. Even after graduating the program, you can rely on him to answer your questions and champion your art. Heather Fildes is an attentive and involved administrator who made a trip to the principal’s office something to look forward to. She is a true professional that has mastered the art of resumes. If you’re looking to attend the Vocational Academy of Makeup Prosthetics my greatest advice to you is to soak it up, ask all of the questions, and use a bunch of glitter I hear Brian loves that :)”  -Emily Chmielewski, 2019 Modern Effects Makeup Artistry program graduate (Seen in photo applying devil foam latex prosthetic for a local commercial)


“This is the experience every aspiring SFX/beauty artist needs.  The staff is a power team of high-skilled artists who love what they do.  Not only are the teachers thorough with their demos, but you will get plenty of one-on-one instruction from them— which is so important for such a hands-on, visual career.  One of the best parts about VAMP is it doesn’t even feel like ‘school’ most of the time, yet you’re still gradually advancing & taking in so much information.  By the end of the course, you’ll feel confident with the tools they have provided.  This is without a doubt the place to kick off your career as a makeup artist!” -Mandi Scioscia 2020 Modern Effects Makeup Artistry program graduate (Seen in photo applying bat encapsulated silicone prosthetic)

nick larsen

“I have had the most fun and amazing educational experience attending this school.  The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and will push you beyond your limits to reach new heights of skill and artistry.  Every moment there is a chance to discover something new and explore the world of modern effects or beauty.  I would have never thought I could even come close to what I can do now and have the confidence to push myself further if it wasn’t for the instruction and guidance of Brian.  To that I say Oh Captain my Captain!  I would recommend this school to anyone who has the passion to join the field of effects or beauty, or come on down and stock up supplies in the shop!” -Nick Larsen 2018 Modern Effects Makeup Artistry program graduate (Seen in photo applying makeup for Opera Orlando at the Dr. Phillips Center for Performing Arts)

victoria small

“Personal makeup has been one of my favorite hobbies for a while now, but I knew I needed more guidance and knowledge if I wanted to turn it into a career. The Beauty Professional Makeup Artistry program at VAMP was exactly what I was looking for and taught me everything I had hoped for about applications on clients and the makeup industry. After studying at VAMP I left with the confidence that I had all the tools and skills I needed to continue my professional makeup artistry journey.” -Victoria Muscedere 2021 Beauty Professional Makeup Artistry program graduate (Seen in photo applying glamour makeup)


“One of the best decisions I ever made was to pursue my passion of makeup artistry by going to VAMP to get my certification.  Every day I looked forward to going into school to learn from [my instructors].  I cannot put into words the amount of effort, skill, and love they pour back into you.  If you want your certification, and you want to better your craft – whether it’s beauty makeup or FX, you need VAMP in your life immediately. ” -Micael Givens 2018 Beauty Professional Makeup Artistry program graduate (Seen in photo applying glamour makeup)


“Within the first week of instruction at VAMP, I knew that this was the BEST decision of my life.  Not only are the instructors extremely knowledgeable, they go above and beyond to ensure their students grasp the course material and are dedicated to the growth of every student.   This includes not only hands on knowledge of makeup, but setting yourself up for success in the industry as well.  My skill set grew by leaps and bounds at the end of my courses.  The courses are extremely detailed, informative, and rigorous and will challenge and push you to exceed your own expectations.

I can not say enough about the school director Heather, who is extremely kind and helpful and wants nothing but the best for her students. She has created a familial environment that is welcoming to all that step through the doors. She is always available to her students and does everything possible to make life a VAMP easy and fun!

Ann, the Beauty instructor, is an extremely talented master of her craft whose passion for teaching is inspiring and infectious.  She creates a fun and informative environment which draws out the best in her students. Her caring demeanor coupled with her sense of humor make this course a must at the school. Ann’s knowledge of beauty makeup is second to none, and she uses it to ensure her students not only absorb the info, but learn to have confidence and trust themselves. I left this class with a genuine love of beauty makeup, feeling confident to go out and apply it!

Brian, the FX instructor, proved to be a truly dedicated instructor, continually going above and beyond for his class whether it is staying late to assist students with projects, or giving hands on instruction to help them grasp the curriculum.  He is patient and precise, sharing years of experience and talent. Extremely knowledgeable and professional at every turn, you can always count on him to push you and grow your skills. From sculpting to blood this class has it all and you will not be disappointed with the results of this course. My skills from beginning to end of this class expanded beyond anything I could have hoped for.

One of the additional benefits, which I truly did not expect, was the amount of bonding you have with your fellow students.  There are many that I continue to grow and learn from, not just from my class, but other alumni as well.  This is where you start your network. The fount of knowledge available to you after completion really helps your creativity expand, and provides you with some really great opportunities! I left the school feeling extremely confident and ready for the field.” -Danielle Battaglia 2020 Modern Effects Makeup Artistry program and Beauty Professional Makeup Artistry program graduate (Seen in photo applying makeup)

jackie small

“I attended VAMP during 2020, both the Modern Effects program as well as the Beauty Professional program. All I can say is LOVE LOVE LOVE, I am extremely grateful that I was able to attend VAMP, the teachers are overwhelmingly helpful and passionate at what they do. I learned so much in both programs and felt like I was pushed to grow as a professional and an artist. Both programs start with the basics (i.e., never picking up a brush)  and help you achieve some things I never thought I would be able to do. From sculpting complex aliens to watching your creations come to life, like my realistic Him makeup. The school director is amazingly kind and professional she was able to work with me and make my dream of coming to the school possible. I would recommend VAMP to anyone wanting to learn about the film/beauty industry or anyone that wants to continue to grow their skills as an artist.” -Jacqueline Coleman 2020 Modern Effects Makeup Artistry program and Beauty Professional program graduate (Seen in photo applying “Him” encapsulated silicone prosthetic)


All applicants who have been accepted to a program must complete their enrollment paperwork and submit their kit fee payment no later than 30 days prior to the start of a new program.  Any submissions after the 30 day cut off will be deferred to the following program at the discretion of the school director.  Applications will no longer be accepted once a program has reached enrollment capacity. Applications will close for a program the week of its corresponding enrollment deadline.