Student Services

Graduate and Career Services

While enrolled, VAMP students will learn how to write their resumes, interview for a job, and effectively market themselves. Throughout their time at VAMP, students will also build a professional portfolio of their work, a makeup artist’s most important tool when seeking a job. Additionally, as a VAMP graduate, students will receive a lifetime discount at our school store. Graduates can use this discount towards restocking their kits and any seminars they wish to attend in the future. Vocational Academy of Makeup and Prosthetics cannot guarantee employment upon graduating from the school.

Academic and Personal Advisement

Students may seek assistance from the administration regarding any special needs they may have while enrolled in any of our courses. Special needs include housing questions, assistance in finding a roommate, tutoring or testing arrangement, transportation information, and any personal questions they may have regarding the institution.

Learning Resources

Vocational Academy of Makeup and Prosthetics is equipped with a resource library for all students to access while enrolled. This library includes basic reference materials (dictionary, thesaurus, makeup reference photos, magazines, etc.) and a computer with Internet access and access to Adobe suite programs.