MEGACON Orlando 2022

MEGACON ORLANDO – May 2022  This was our second year of being invited to MEGACON Orlando where we had the opportunity to occupy a booth and host two demonstration panels.  For the weekend we had live makeup applications done by both our team and our amazing alumni.  It is always such fun to be surrounded by other creatives and makeup/horror enthusiasts.

Both of our Modern Effects Instructors, Brian Mahoney and Osiris Rivera, facilitated live demonstrations at the booth—foam latex prosthetic applications of characters from the 1990 film The Witches. For the Grand High Witch character, Brian created and applied a custom back hump, cowl, facial prosthetics, and dentures.  For the Bruno character, Osiris created and applied custom facial prosthetics, ears, and dentures.

For our first demonstration panel, Brian showed how to recreate facial injuries utilizing fake blood and premade encapsulated silicone prosthetics from our very own graduate Izzy Isel’s brand TraumaQueenFx. Then for our second demonstration panel, Osiris applied prosthetic horns and our Director Heather Eisner showcased different airbrushing techniques to create a blue devil lady.

All weekend we had live makeup demos from our current students and our alumni so attendees could catch a glimpse behind the scenes of what special effects makeup artists can do. We had artists apply out of kit injury simulations, foam latex prosthetics, and prosaide transfers. A huge thank you to all that visited our booth, panels, and to our students and alumni for participating!