MEGACON Orlando 2021

MEGACON ORLANDO – August 2021  We had the pleasure of being invited to MEGACON Orlando where we were given the opportunity to host two demonstration panels.  All weekend at our booth, we showcased live makeup applications done by both our team and our amazing alumni.  It was truly a great experience to meet with other like-minded horror and SFX fans here in Central Florida.

Our Modern Effects Instructor, Brian Mahoney, facilitated two demonstrations—a foam latex prosthetic application as well as an encapsulated silicone prosthetic application, all utilizing amazing professional makeup products from EBA Performance Makeup.  For the foam latex panel, Brian applied a foam latex werewolf prosthetic inspired by Rick Baker’s original makeup in the 1981 John Landis film, An American Werewolf in London.  In addition to this character, he created an encapsulated silicone prosthetic werewolf victim, paying homage to the character “Jack” from the same film.  After sculpting, molding, and casting the prosthetics at VAMP in the weeks leading up to MEGACON Brian applied, painted, and dressed his character creations at live panels and back at the VAMP booth. With the help of Nix and Heather on the mic to answer any questions, you could really see the transformation come to life!

In An American Werewolf in London, “Jack” falls victim to an attack from the werewolf.  To ensure his recreation makeup presented as realistically as possible, Brian completed the prosthetic in encapsulated silicone. By using plenty of texture and human anatomy for reference, Brian was able to achieve a hyper realism in the gnarly throat gash. For added gore, the prosthetic was painted to simulate torn tissue, cartilage, and severed muscles with a hefty amount of fake blood.