Behind the mask…

FEBRUARY 2020 — Raven Baker, Fall 2019 Modern Effects Makeup Artistry graduate, put in a lot of hard work and technique to bring her character to life on her model, Tony.   Her process included lifecasting her model, sculpting her creation, creating epoxy-fiberglass molds, and creating multiple encapsulated silicone prosthetics.

In addition to this she created a custom fit set of character dentures, as well as a rigid mask for her menacing phantom. All the learning, planning, creating, and applying took countless hours, but resulted in a stellar finished product for her final project in the program.  Way to go, Raven!

All of our students learn the how to create and apply silicone prosthetics in our Modern Effects Makeup Artistry program. For more information about our Modern Effects program, click here! Think you’re ready to take the plunge? Apply now!