VAMP Stickers & Magnets


3.78″ x 2″ VAMP Traveler Sticker

4″ x 4″ Round sticker with black and red logo printed on a white background

4″ x 4″ Round car magnet

3″ x 2.8″ Rainbow vampire fang holographic sticker… it’s a double rainbow!

2.31″ x 3″ coffin sticker that reads: “VAMP Est. 2016 Orlando, Florida Professional Makeup School”

2.95″ x 3″ vintage sticker featuring a friendly ghost emerging from Lake Eola Fountain.

3″ x 1.82″ throwback VHS tape sticker… just be sure to PLEASE RETURN TO ORLANDO, FLORIDA

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VAMP Traveler Sticker, Traditional VAMP Logo Sticker, Black VAMP Logo Car Magnet, Holographic Teeth Sticker, Holographic VAMP Coffin Sticker, Orlando, The City Boo-tiful Sticker, VAMP VHS